Creative Dog and Cat Grooming

Appointments and consultation are required for FULL body creative color.

Creative color is cash only and must be paid upfront before completed.

Your pet must have a regular grooming apt prior to any creative color to ensure sanitation and best results.

Pets behavior and coat will be observed during grooming apt to ensure your pet is a good fit for this.


If everything passes, we will proceed with booking a creative appointment.


Scroll Photos for Creative Ideas:

  • Full Body            

  • Ears & PAWS

  • Tattoo

  • Rump-Kin


Semi-permanent Color

2-D Design Creative Art

Creative Wiggle Rumps Pricing:

Bling: $5 - $15

Yes, Bling your dog! Added jewels and stones to your pets body!


Nail Polish: $20

We paint your dogs toenails any color!

Twinkle Toes: $30

Your dogs toenails will be painted any color and dipped in matching glitter or added rhinestones


Hair Color & Designs: $100/Hour

Price may vary due to creativity of minimal to full body color. Dare to be different?

Classy Canine's Wiggle Rumps_1.png