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Creative Dog and Cat Grooming

Our very own Katrina Short is thee BEST CREATIVE Groomer around and is know World Wide for her Creative Grooms. Katrina & Our  Wiggle Rumps sPaw has set Creative Groom Trends throughout the USA and Internationally. We are extremly proud of Katrina, our viral videos, TV apperances, USA & International News Media airings & Publications. To view more follow her on:
Instagram & 
TikTok @ Katrina_Short

     Creative Grooms consultation are required for FULL body creative color. Creative color is cash only and must be paid upfront before completed.
          Your pet must have a regular grooming apt prior to any creative color to ensure safety & best results.
           Pets behavior and coat will be observed during grooming apt to ensure your pet is a good fit for this.  
If everything passes, we will proceed with booking a creative appointment.


Scroll Photos for Creative Ideas:

  • Full Body            

  • Ears & PAWS

  • Tattoo

  • Rump-Kin


Semi-permanent Color

2-D Design Creative Art

Creative Wiggle Rumps Pricing:

Bling: $5 - $15

Yes, Bling your dog! Added jewels and stones to your pets body!


Nail Polish: $20

We paint your dogs toenails any color!

Twinkle Toes: $30

Your dogs toenails will be painted any color and dipped in matching glitter or added rhinestones


Hair Color & Designs: $100/Hour

Price may vary due to creativity of minimal to full body color. Dare to be different?

Classy Canine's Wiggle Rumps_1.png
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