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Add On & Walk In Services

Prices are subject to change and additional fees may be applied to pet groom’s due to coat matting, long & heavy overdue coats, and temperament behaviors.
We have the right to refuse ANY service. Pricing below are ADD On or Walk-In Only Services.
*Please bring current completed Vaccination Records including Proof of Rabies Vaccination. Thank you!

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WigglyAdd Ons: 

Teeth Brushing & Fresh Breath Spray: $10

BlueBerry Facial: $15

Hand Stripping $1.00 per minute, $60 per hour 

De-Skunk Add On to Regular Bath: $40-$200 

Medicated/Speciality Shampoo: $5 - $20

Flea Shampoo: $40-$80

Holiday Shampoo Upgrade $10

Whitening Shampoo Upgrade $10

Blackening Shampoo Upgrade $10 

Extra Hair Bow $5

De-Shedding: $20 - $50

Express Grooming: $40

Cage Free Grooming: $15

Pawdicure: $25

Tick Removal: $5 per tick

Twinkle Toes & Bling Toes: $20 - $30

Bitch In Heat: $25

Ear Plucking $10.00

Transpertation Pick Up $30-$50

Transpertation Drop Off Up $30-$50

All Day Fee: $40

De-Matting Tangles: $5 - $60 ... XXXL: $50-$200

Note: We will NOT de-matt a severely matted DOG or CAT. For you pets safety and humane purposes,

your pet will be shaved. (See de-matting pet release).


Wiggly Walk-Ins 

No appointments needed for these:

**All Walk-Ins are Cash Payment ONLY for Nails & WALK-INS

Dog Nail Trim/Nail Grind: $20-One Person-$40 Two people

Cat Nail Trim Only: $30

Anal Glands Only: $25

Sanitary Only Trim: $25

Ear Only Plucking/Trim/Clean $25

Trim Poodle Feet Only: $50-$95


PAW PADS Only $20-$40

Eye Trim Only $20=$40

Is my dog matted?

A mat is a tangle gone wrong, a single upstart of a hair that wrapped itself around a neighbor, who in turn grabbed another and another. For curly and drop-coated breeds (bichons, malteses, poodles, shin tzus, lhasas, cockers), shedding hairs die and instead of falling onto your favorite sweater, they are caught by neighboring hairs. These hairs will rarely dislodge themselves, and require the assistance of a brush AND comb to remove them. If left to their own devices, mats will spread, forming a network, then a solid mass of dead hair that can eventually cover the entire body.
For double-coated breeds (pomeranians, chows, huskies, heavy shedders), the hair will die in patterns, forming oddly-colored tufts around the hind quarters, shoulders, belly, scruff, and chest. These tufts will turn to clumps. They tend to LOOK worse than the first type of dogs, but almost invariably, their coats will brush out easier and with less damage (or shaving) required (assuming they tolerate brushing).


Effects of matting:

Matted fur is not just a cosmetic offense, but an uncomfortable, often painful sensation that makes simple tasks like walking or turning the head nearly impossible. A matted pet becomes susceptible to all sorts of unsavory infections and diseases.


Like people, a dog’s skin needs air to survive and be healthy. Mats restrict air and sunlight from touching the skin, which in severe cases can cause the skin to mildew and decompose. If water is introduced to the mix, we’re talking damp skin inside of a solid fur sweater, with little opportunity to dry.

The blood’s circulation to the legs and ears can be cut off (imagine feeling like your foot is asleep every moment of the day!) And the skin can die because of it. Perhaps the grossest of all is the fact that where there are mats, there are unseen mysteries. Festering wounds are common, along with armies of fleas and ticks. Even maggots have been found. In the pawpads, sharp thorns, rocks, and “foxtails” often get tangled in toe hair, which causes the hair to form hard mats, meaning every step is like having a hard, sharp rock in your shoe. Sadly, many dogs get used to the constant sharp pains and learn to “live with it”.


How we treat matting:

Oh No! My dog is matted!

Watch this::

  • Matted fur constantly pulls at a pet’s skin. Mat “removal” is a difficult and painful process.  A “complete shave-down” is safer and less painful.  A shave-down may reveal hidden irritations, infections, sores or parasites.

  • If you part your dogs hair and cannot see its skin, its matted! Our goal is NOT to shave your dog, our goal is to always give a beautiful groom. Light dematting can be done with yor dog has only a few manageable matt areas. For the first 15 minutes there is no dematting fees. After 15 minutes dematting fees are $1.00 per minute.

  • For 

  • Prices below presume that your pet is manageable, responds well to grooming and its coat has been fairly-well cared for.
           Our professional groomer will evaluate your pet first.



0-20 lbs                      $75-85
21-40 lbs                    $80-90
41-60 lbs                    $90-100
61-80 lbs                    $100-115
81-100 lbs                  $120-135
101-120 lbs                $140-160
Over 120 lbs              $160 and up


What is matting?

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